Partner Program Application

We are looking for higher education professionals who want to save time and money.


We're offering our software at a reduced rate to universities who who are dedicated to student engagement and are looking to utilize cutting-edge technologies to support their students. Whether you're tracking membership and attendance without a formal system, or you're tired of your current system, we want to connect with you! 

The pandemic is still impacting student affairs budgets across the county, and we want to make sure your staff members have access to technology that gets more students involved and engaged at your campus.

As a member of our partner program, you will receive a reduced rate on the level product of your choosing:

To learn more about the reduced rate, please fill out your application today and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for all that you do your for your students!

Bonus - Student Engagement Survey Results

Anyone who fills out the application will receive the results from our 2022 Student Engagement Survey! 

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Partner Program Application