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The University of Memphis launched TigerZone Mobile last month. Here’s how it’s going.

The University of Memphis launched TigerZone Mobile last month. Here’s how it’s going.

In today’s digital age, it’s becoming increasingly evident that modern technology is a crucial component of student success. Enter TigerZone Mobile, an app that caters to the diverse co-curricular needs of students at the University of Memphis. 

Developed by Navengage and launched through Navengage’s partnership with Anthology, which brings Navengage’s comprehensive mobile experience to Anthology Engage, TigerZone Mobile aims to transform how students engage and connect on campus, delivering a convenient mobile experience that breaks down campus silos and increases accessibility to campus events, organizations, and resources. 

“Our students know the information is out there, but they don’t know exactly where to look and sometimes don’t want to use social media to find it,” shared MK Tyler, Director of Student Leadership & Involvement at the University of Memphis. “We're excited to provide students with a native social experience that offers important resources in one place."

Since launching in August, TigerZone Mobile has already made significant waves on campus with over 4,400 students who've logged in to explore its robust features. Let's delve into how the app's performing and how it has impacted students and campus leaders thus far. 



📸 Example app screenshots of TigerZone Mobile's events, newsfeed, and organizations 


Streamlined Events and QR Code Check-Ins 


TigerZone Mobile seamlessly shows events from UofM’s Anthology Engage system, TigerZone, making it easier than ever for students to find and RSVP to campus events. 

Attendees of events have found the event check-in feature incredibly handy. The in-app QR code streamlines event attendance by allowing students to check in to events quickly and efficiently, reducing waiting times and ensuring a smoother event experience.

Event organizers have also leveraged the app's feed and group chats to promote their events, leading to a surge in event attendance. During UofM’s Weeks of Welcome, attendance increased by an impressive 85% compared to the previous year, with over 12,800 attendees recorded. 


Engaging Social Feed


With a campus-wide newsfeed integrated into the app, students gain the ability to follow organizations and connect with peers, keeping up-to-date with the latest campus news and opportunities. 

Leading up to the start of classes, hundreds of students utilized the newsfeed to introduce themselves, fostering a welcoming environment and building excitement for the new academic year. Transfer students found common ground by discussing their experiences adjusting to campus life, while adult learners connected over their shared student journeys. Students also posted about their side hustles and passion projects. For example, one student excitedly shared details about her homemade chocolate business. 

So far, the app has garnered over 800 posts on the feed, demonstrating its active and energized user base.


Collaborative Group Messaging


In addition to its newsfeed, TigerZone Mobile offers group chats for efficient communication and collaboration on campus initiatives. Students have been quick to harness these chats to generate interest in starting new clubs and organizations on campus, such as a photography club and a club hockey team. 

Each class year has a dedicated group chat, enabling effortless information sharing and support among students. In the Class of 2027 group chat, first year students have asked several questions regarding campus resources and where to find them. Student leaders have promptly stepped in, and by addressing a single student's question, they’ve effectively provided assistance to hundreds.

During the app’s early weeks, more than 5,000 messages were exchanged and numerous groups attracted over 1,000 members, emphasizing the app's value in fostering connections.


Goal Setting and Student Empowerment 


TigerZone Mobile empowers students by providing them with the capability to define their extracurricular and personal goals directly through the app. Within the application, students can engage in a concise 10-minute Goal Setting Activity, enabling them to plan their co-curricular journeys from the convenience of their phones. As of now, nearly 200 students have taken advantage of this activity.  

Additionally, upon logging in, students are prompted to select High-Impact Practices they wish to participate in, such as studying abroad, joining organizations, or completing research. This feature not only cultivates intrinsic motivation for students right from the start, but it also generates valuable student data on every user who signs in to the app, giving campus leaders insights to strategically design programs and initiatives that align with student interests. 


Looking Ahead


The University of Memphis' decision to partner with Navengage and launch TigerZone Mobile represents a forward-thinking approach to the student experience in higher ed today, one that embraces new technology and closely aligns with the insights shared by student affairs professionals at Anthology Together 23.

With TigerZone Mobile, the University of Memphis is not only embracing the digital age but also demonstrating its commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience that transcends the classroom. We look forward to seeing how TigerZone Mobile continues to impact the student experience at UofM throughout the fall semester! 



📱 About Navengage

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