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Navengage Impact Report

PHILADELPHIA, PA, Dec. 20, 2022 We are proud to share our Fall Semester Impact Report featuring Penn State's Engagement App, which officially launched at the start of the Fall 2022 Semester. Since then, thousands of students, faculty, and staff have logged on to uncover a university-wide network of events and engagement opportunities populated by Penn State's ecosystem of individuals, organizations, departments, and data sources.

Unlike traditional higher ed technology, the Engagement App is built with a student-first mentality that recognizes the individual wants and needs of every student, no matter where they are on their Penn State journey.

With the Engagement App, students can navigate Penn State's wide range of engagement opportunities with ease. Not only does the app act as a resource hub, it serves as a social tool to help students find others within their campus communities who share their interests.

We are grateful for all parties involved in bringing the Engagement App to life, including the Penn State Student Engagement Network, our entire Navengage Team, and the students, faculty, and staff who have worked with us to maximize the app experience. Together, we've helped thousands of students find their place and get engaged at Penn State.

We're excited to share highlights from the Fall 2022 Semester in this report, and we look forward to building on the app's success in the New Year!


Andrew Strause (CEO), Dan Lordan (CTO), Colleen McBride (CMO)
Co-founders, Navengage Education Technologies Inc.


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Semester Highlights

Semester highlights of Penn State's Engagement App. Credit: Navengage. All Rights Reserved.


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Navengage Education Technologies Inc. is a SaaS company that helps universities organize and optimize their student engagement. Their university-secured, mobile-first application helps students engage in co-curricular opportunities that accelerate personal, professional, and social development. Founded in 2020, Navengage was created to help universities support students through engagement and belonging.

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