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Make It Mobile: Amplify the Power of Anthology Engage with Navengage's App

Make It Mobile: Amplify the Power of Anthology Engage with Navengage's App

Today’s college students want instantaneous communication, personalized support, and in the realm of technology, they not only prefer mobile app technology, they expect it.

So when it comes to providing students with a comprehensive mobile app experience for Anthology Engage, we’re thrilled to share that now you can – with Navengage. 

In this article, we'll dive into 6 ways in which Navengage's mobile app enhances the capabilities of Engage, leading to advanced levels of student engagement, data-driven storytelling, and campus collaboration.  


1. Engage all students, not just organization leaders 

High-Impact Practices, such as involvement in organizations and events, can significantly enhance student outcomes. However, it can be challenging to ensure these opportunities reach all students, particularly those who may not regularly utilize Anthology Engage.

With Navengage's app, you can broaden access to these experiences for the vast majority of students who may not hold leadership positions but are eager to participate. Not only will you win over your tech-savvy students who want a mobile app for Engage, you’ll also break down barriers to ensure that every student has the opportunity to benefit from the diverse range of experiences available on campus. 


Navengage App-1

📸 Events, organizations, and resources from Anthology Engage displayed on Navengage's app


2. Streamline event check-ins 

Navengage’s app hosts a QR code that seamlessly integrates with Anthology’s Event Check-in app, making event participation a breeze. The QR code allows attendees to check in to events right from the app, eliminating the extra step of accessing a web browser and minimizing waiting times in return.

Thanks in part to this convenient app feature, the University of Memphis witnessed an astounding 85% increase in event attendance from 2022 for their Weeks of Welcome events. 


Navengage QR Code-2

📸 Event QR Code (Example Institution: My State University)


3. Deliver instant support to students

Through the app’s campus-wide newsfeed and group chats, staff and student leaders can promptly address students’ questions and concerns, perfectly aligning with Gen Z's desire for fast communication. Campus community members can share links, post articles and videos, promote events, and point students in the right direction. 

Picture this: A student poses a question in a public group chat on the app. Instead of just responding privately, a staff member or student leader can answer the question directly in the chat, instantly disseminating valuable information not only to the inquisitive student but also to the entire community. This way, even the students who may not have ever asked the same question are now well-informed. 


Navengage Group Chats

📸 Group chats


4. Send real-time updates and notifications

Navengage’s app enhances campus communication with real-time push notifications. With this feature, you can promptly inform your students about important news and updates directly on their mobile devices. Whether it's a last-minute venue change for an event, a friendly reminder regarding a club meeting, or a significant campus-wide announcement, the app ensures students are consistently updated with vital information, keeping them in the loop at all times.


Navengage Push Notifications

📸 Push notification (Example Institution: Navengage University)


5. Streamline collection of membership data

Pairing Navengage’s app with Anthology Engage not only simplifies the collection of event attendance and organization membership data but also ensures the maintenance of accurate records regarding student involvement, making it easier for you to track and support student engagement on campus.

The app also collects students’ co-curricular goals as soon as they log in for the first time. By asking students what they want to do outside of the classroom, you can cultivate intrinsic motivation as well as generate valuable data to strategically plan programs and initiatives that align with their interests.


Navengage Group Chats-1

📸 Data collection via sign-up process (Example Institution: My State University)


6. Foster campus inclusivity & belonging

Navigating and adapting to campus life can pose significant challenges for students, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds such as transfer students, international students, adult learners, or first-generation students. 

With Navengage's app, you can help your students find their place on campus. Students can easily explore campus events and student organizations that speak to them, participate in discussions on topics of personal interest in group chats and on the newsfeed, and meet other students who share their backgrounds and passions.

Plus, because the app is secured by your institution's Single Sign-On, your students can connect is a safe space where they feel comfortable asking questions and sharing personal stories. 

By effectively bridging communication gaps, the app fosters an informed and involved campus environment, allowing students to actively participate and truly feel like they belong. 


Navengage Feed

📸 Newsfeed (Example Institution: My State University)


The Bottom Line

By pairing Navengage’s app with Anthology Engage, you can combine the industry-leading student engagement solution you need with the dynamic, mobile-native app that students want. With Navengage's app, you can increase student access to co-curricular experiences, streamline communication to students, generate valuable student data, and foster an engaged campus community. 


Interested in seeing a live demo? Click here to schedule a meeting.



📱 About Navengage

Navengage Inc. delivers leading-edge, mobile-first student engagement software that helps higher ed institutions increase student engagement and boost retention. We aim to advance student engagement technology so that colleges and universities have comprehensive, accurate, and readily available data for decision making. We are committed to engaging today's students with tomorrow's cutting-edge education technology and envision a world where every student has the opportunity to safely and successfully pursue their education. Learn more by visiting


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