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Built for Student Success.

Navengage redefines student engagement technology with a student-centric approach, social connection features, and a mobile-first app experience designed for Gen Z.



Available on iOS and Android and through a faculty/staff friendly web portal. Your students enjoy an intuitive platform like their social media apps and your faculty and staff can easily navigate the web portal.

Tailored branding

Our technology, your brand. We will work with you to customize your application so you can seamlessly impress your students

All in one

Our app can focus on your student experience in one place. Because we work with you on which features to include, your app is as unique as your university experience.


Easy to manage. Designed to engage.





  • Easily manage organizations in one place

  • Edit organization information and membership

  • Manage organization statuses

  • Create groups and set permissions

  • Review organization metrics

  • Communicate with club leaders and members




  • Create and manage events

  • Track attendance

  • Create public, private, repeating, and virtual events

  • Invite users to attend an event

  • RSVP and get notified about upcoming events

  • Add events to your calendar

  • Promote events to specific student audiences



Forms & Documents

  • Organization registrations

  • Finance requests

  • Elections

  • Service hours

  • Create custom forms

  • Upload documents



User Connectivity

  • Campus-wide directory

  • Connect with users and follow organizations

  • Foster a collaborative community

  • Help students their a sense of belonging



Group Chats

  • A safe space for students, faculty, and staff to connect and collaborate

  • Alternative to external chat platforms like GroupMe

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News Feed

  • Speak directly to students

  • Curate content and promote events

  • Unite your university's community

  • Spark collaboration

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  • Filter and sort lists of clubs, events, and users

  • Download as .CSV and .XLSX

  • Request custom reports


User Connectivity

Easily integrate with your University's Single Sign-On provider, as well as existing student information systems.



Student Goal Setting

Know what students want to do outside of the classroom, and connect them with the resources to help them find success.



Robert M. Knight
Associate Director
Student Services & Engagement
Penn State University

“The Navengage team worked with me to build a system that replaced a legacy student organization system. Our new system is easier to use for faculty and staff, and our students enjoy its modern UI. Navengage heard my problems and checked every box to produce a product that saves our campus time and will lead to greater student information.

Why Connection _Matters_

Finding a home

Our platform includes social features to help students find belonging at your university, a key ingredient to their engagement journeys.

Not just a number

With our platform, you can establish a direct relationship with your students, making them feel heard, seen, and supported.

A helping hand

Students who feel lost and disconnected will now have a place to navigate your university’s ecosystem of resources and opportunities — and know where to go for help.

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